The main objectives of the college are to promote the pursuit of intellectual growth, to understand the natural and social environments, and to develop moral and spiritual values to enable them to face life situations. We aim to provide an education combining intellectual growth embedded with social, personal and moral values to ensure that they leave the portals of the college as a person ready to face the daunting challenges of life with confidence.
Students are urged to participate and benefit from the various facilities provided. We expect our students to be regular and punctual in attending


general discipline is to be maintained during class hours, assemblies and activities. Campus property is to be respected, and the campus should be kept clean and treated as at home. The following are prescribed guidelines that all students must follow




At Carmel PU College, we treat everyone as a family member. We require you to be committed to the organisation’s values, respect others’ individuality and adhere to the rules and regulations given below

  • During the first hour in the morning, when the second bell is rung, students should stand for a one-minute silent prayer, followed by National Anthem
  • Possession of dangerous or unauthorised materials, such as explosives, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, will lead to direct expulsion of the student
  • Attendance will not be marked for a student who is seen around the campus, seen in the corridor, disturbing other classes and missing class without prior notice or valid permission
  • Unauthorised disclosure of information of college-mates to outsiders is prohibited
  • Damage to college property will lead to suspension and filing of police complaints against involved students and parents. A fine and the cost of repair will be levied on the student. Failure to clear the same will lead to immediate expulsion
  • The use of mobile phones on the college campus is prohibited. If students are found using the same for any purpose on campus, their mobile phones will be confiscated and returned at the end of the academic year to the parent
  • Possession of mobile phones and any electronic equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • During classroom interaction, Replies to teachers should be polite and respectful.
  • Unnecessary disturbance/distraction in the classroom by cheap activities/behaviour/language is a punishable offence
  • Wearing caps or sunglass in the classroom is not allowed.
  • Latecomers will not be permitted inside the classroom beyond permissible time.
  • Perfumes /deodorants etc., are not to be used in or during classes
  • Encouraging and entertaining outside elements that create a nuisance on campus should be avoided.
  • Dress code to be maintained within decency norms while representing the college
  • I.D. cards to be carried by all. (Failure to produce the same will entail having to leave the campus)
  • Consumption of alcohol/tobacco/drugs is prohibited within the premises and around the campus.


Going against any college policy will be dealt with in the following way. It is up to the decision of management to choose what step of action is to be taken based on the severity of the incident

Step 1: An oral warning to the students by college authorities.

Step 2: An oral warning to the student in the presence of parents.

Step 3: A written warning to the student.

Step 4: Suspension based on the severity of the violation of regulations.

Step 5: Rustication/ expulsion from the college.


  1. From the general regulations, parents and guardians will notice that those admitted to the college are expected to maintain a relatively high standard of diligence and good conduct.

  2. It is understood that those who send their children or wards to the college for their education accept all the regulations prevailing in the college and agree to terms of action taken for breaking them

  3. Parents and Guardians are recommended to follow up on the conduct and progress of their children.
  4. Parent – Teachers’ meetings will be conducted regularly. Parents are partners with the college in the task of comprehensive and integral education of their children. The parents are strongly recommended to meet the Principal or Class Teacher to ascertain their ward’s conduct, attendance and progress.

  5. Parents should respond to the phone call or message received from the institution immediately.