Carmel Education Society ® stands as a beacon of educational innovation, dedicated to empowering our students through comprehensive learning. Established in 1968, our society is driven by a vision to cultivate not just academic prowess but also ethical values and global perspectives.

As of this date, we have 43 members on board who bring their varied experiences to come together to stand with a commitment to creating possibilities for all. The two institutions – Carmel High School and Carmel Pre-University College are governed and developed by our democratic society, whose members come together with a mindset to set every stakeholder on a path of intellectual discovery and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Executive Committee


Rev. Fr Eric Rodriguez

Vice – President

Robinson D’Souza


Dorothy Menezes


Roshan Menezes

Joint- Secretary

Tapan Menezes

Neeth D’Souza

Shaji M Antony

Sandhya Menezes

Raksha Nayak

William T

Veena D'Souza

Prashanth Chandra