News and Events


Doctors from BBMP talked about spread, precautions and symptoms of dengue fever to our students on 10th of July. Students took pledge to create awareness among the public through social media. Students also enquired and got clarification from the doctors, about the treatment of dengue fever.


Carmel NSS unit for 1st PUC was inaugurated on 9th of July. The chief guest for the program was Mrs Kriparani, manager, EPR sustainability solutions. She spoke on e-waste and its hazardous nature. She urged students to segregate e-waste and encouraged volunteers to take on service with a smile as part of their commitment to being a NSS volunteer. The principal, program officer Mrs. Sasikala, Mrs Anita and Mrs Kala and around 100 student volunteers witnessed the event. NSS pledge was taken by student volunteers to affirm that they shall never resort to violence and that all differences and disputes relating to the religion, language, region or political or economic graveness shall be settled by peaceful and constitutional manner and also segregate waste.


On the 5th of July, Eco-Club members set out to create an awareness on the importance of “Wearing a Helmet ” in the precincts of Carmel High School. The members carried smiley and sad face placards with them and parents of Carmel High School students,  who wore a helmet  were greeted with a happy smiley face and presented with a rose. While parents who did not sport a helmet were greeted with a sad face and encouraged to wear one. Members also undertook a survey on how many sported a helmet. Also members carried placards with emojis. The initiative of the members was appreciated by the parents. 


In collaboration with ITC’s WOW, Carmel NSS unit organized  Plogathon on 4th July,2024. 

Around 60 volunteers participated and collected about 75 kg of single use plastic in and around Basaveshwara Nagar.


BBMP organized a rally to mark Kempe Gowda’s Birth Anniversary on 29 th June, 2024. Mr.Suresh Kumar, MLA Rajaji Nagar Constituency presided over the programme. Prajwal of II A spoke on the contributions of Kempe Gowda and stressed that there were many lessons that we could learn from his life.  38 NSS volunteers took part in the rally.


Investiture ceremony was held on 2nd of July where the elected student council, comprising of president, vice president, secretary, cultural, literary, sports secretaries and all the class representatives were invested with power. The chief guest for the day was Dr Anish Mehta who pinned the badges to the newly elected leaders and also unveiled the annual magazine of the college *Pratibimba*. Academic toppers of 2023-24 were awarded by the dignitaries of the day. The ceremony ended with a fabulous dance-drama performance by the student council members.


Question of the month was conducted on 29th of June in the campus. The topic of discussion was *”Does violence in movies and frequent exposure leads to aggressive behaviour in youth?”*.Mr Roshan Menezes, administrator of Carmel institution was the moderator of the debate, who encouraged students to share their views. Students of the first PUC and second PUC argued vehemently voicing their valid points for and against the topic.


An orientation session was held on 28th June by the career guidance platform Mindler coach miss Sunita for first PUC students.  Miss Sunita explained the Mindler dashboard, the psychometric test and its importance in detail to the students. Ms Sunitha highlighted the importance of profile building, and encouraged students to browse through the career library and virtual career internship offered by Mindler. She also clarified doubts of students regarding future career options.


International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was observed on the 26th of June,2024. An Elocution competition was conducted by the NSS unit on the occasion. The topic given to the students was “Addictions and Future of youth of India”. Students participated confidently and took a strong stand against drug use.Mr. Chikkaswamy associated with Basaveswara Nagar Police station addressed the students on the harmful effects of drugs and tobacco. Students undertook a pledge to stay away from drugs .


Carmel institution had organised the third edition of Carmel Run. A run for health, on 23rd June 2024 at Dr B R Ambedkar stadium. More than 650 participants of all age groups were part of the event. Mr Huzefa  Talib, S&C coach of RCB women’s team and Mr Arjun Devaiah, international athlete, flagged off the race and also distributed prizes to the winners.


Election for class representatives (boy and girl) and student council was held on 22 June. Nominated students campaigned vigorously for the entire week for class representative as well as student council positions. On the day of the election, the students delivered well articulated speeches to their fellow mates and teachers. There was a tough competition among students and the most deserving students emerged as leaders.


International Yoga Day was observed on 21st June,2024. Master Yashas H a young yoga instructor emphasized the role of yoga in achieving holistic health, mental well-being, and sustainable living. He called upon the staff and students to practice it regularly. 54 cadets along with the ANO participated in the programme. The NSS unit celebrated WORLD YOGA DAY. Students performed Surya namaskar and many other asanas that were beneficial to overall health. 

NCC Enrollment for the year 24-25

Around 100 students from I PUC enthusiastically enrolled for selection process on 15th June 2024. Rigorous screening included physical test, fitness test and written test. After careful scrutiny by Sub Gurmali Singh and Hav Santosh Singh from 39 Karnataka Infantry Battalion Bangalore, Mrs Gurpreet Singh ANO , the selected cadet list , which included 34 SD/ SW cadets.


The NCC unit organised an orientation programme for the benefit of the newly admitted students on the 31st of May,2024. NCC alumni, JUO Prasiddhi  and D/L /CPL Nimisha Anand addressed the students on their experiences in NCC. They spoke on many aspects like selection, activities and future prospects of the cadets. The session was informative and helpful. 

A special orientation programme was organised for the parents of the newly recruited  on the 1st of June, 2024. Lt.Thirumalesh A.N.O of Nitte Degree college gave a small presentation which helped the parents to clarify their doubts and throw light on many aspects of the unit.


TSC & RDC selections was organised by 39 kar inf Battalion at Para training centre.Cadets from various schools, colleges and universities participated.7SD cadets from Carmel Pre-University College had participated in the selections. Bharath G of IID  has been selected for RDC Drill Competition.


Workshop on real time products was conducted on 28th of June by  Mr Manjunath from RTP corporation Florida USA and allumni of Carmel institution conducted a workshop for science students. He explained with many real time examples and instances, the relevance of physics, chemistry and mathematics syllabus in real life.

Mr Manjunath and Mr Aneesh Chandran also demonstrated the working of safety control system kit to the students.


On the First of June,2024, an orientation programme was organised for the parents of I PUC parents. Mr.Roshan Menezes, the Administrator , familiarised the  parents with the school’s policies, procedures, and expectations. Mr.Ajit Kaikini of Buoyance also addressed the parents on the challenges faced by the students viz., conditions, comparison and criticism that made their life stressful. He urged the parents to inculcate confidence, commitment and communication skills in their children so that they are ready to face any challenge in life. Mr.Nagaraju of ParentEye later updated them on the usage of the Parent Eye app and how they could effectively use it as a communication tool between the teachers, parents and the institution. 


On the occasion of World Environment Day on 1st of June,2024, a round table conference was organised on “Youth for Green and Vibrant Bengaluru” by Dr.Ramiah Medical College. Students were engaged in a profound discussion with the policy makers towards sustainable development of Bengaluru City. 20 NSS volunteers from our college took part in the programme.

Carmel College students and faculty celebrated the World environment day on 5th of June by having a special assembly where students sang songs on environment, shared thought on saving the environment by simple and easy methods.

Students who have achieved excellence in academics, sports and NCC were chosen to water the plants to show the important role .water plays in healthy living and existence of life on planet Earth. Our student Ms. Sharanya of 2C attended the ‘Alternative 24’ event held at Ramaiah medical College on account of the    environment day.


The management had organised an orientation programme for the newly enrolled First PUC students on 31-5-2024. Mr.Roshan Menezes, the Administrator highlighted that the objective of the programme was to make their transition into the institution seamless. He spoke in detail the rules and regulations that the students had to abide by and value system that the institution stood for. He also urged the students to make optimum use of the facilities and resources in their academic journey. It was followed by a motivational talk by Mr.Mayank Solanki, Founder Val Ed Intiatives. He was full of sage advice to the students. He called upon the students to imbibe the qualities of positivity, creativity, team work and diligence. He reminded the students that teachers were only a guide and it was up to them to explore and learn beyond the textbook. The various activities  organised by him broke the ice and found favour with the students.

World No Tobacco Day

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India declared this year’s theme as shielding the youth from the detrimental influences of tobacco consumption . This prompted BBMP to create awareness by organising Reel Making/Video Making competition and Poster Making competition for college students on 31st May 2024. NSS volunteers of II PUC participated in large numbers.


‘ Happy Teachers ‘ workshop was conducted by The Teacher Foundation on 25th of May. Mrs Sandhya from TTF emphasized on the importance of kindness and gratitude in order to be happy and content. The session was interactive and all the teachers enthusiastically participated in all the activities.


A session on mindfulness based practice for personal and professional was conducted for teachers by The Teacher Foundation on 18th of May. The resource persons Ms Monilla Sapre and Kritika Mahajan conducted many activities for teachers to make them understand the benefits of mindfulness such as improved  immune system, feelings less stressed,  regulation of emotion and regulation of attention.


February 9th witnessed the batch of 2023 – 24 graduating from the portals of Carmel. The students of II PUC gathered for their official Farewell Ceremony. Principal Mrs. Sandhya Menezes urged the students to carry the right attitude forward into their future endeavors, emphasizing the importance of Cultivating courage through positive habits. Mr. Roshan Menezes, in his valedictory address, underscored the importance of empathy in navigating life’s challenges. It was followed by the laying down of office by the Student Council. Mrs. Shwetha Acharya, Student Advisor, applauded the Council for their exceptional work throughout the year. Students were honored with special awards for their unique attributes. A video that captured the memorable moments of the student’s two-year journey at Carmel was projected. As the ceremony drew to a close, students took to the dance floor, embracing the joy of the moment.



On 26th Jan 2024, Carmel celebrated Republic Day to commemorate the adoption of the Indian constitution. The Principal unfurled the tricolour flag followed by the impressive march past by the NCC cadets. The administrator addressed the gathering emphasizing Dr BR Ambedkar’s invaluable  contributions to the constitution,  serving as a reminder of our Nation’s commitment to justice and equality. He also spoke about the glory of India. Highlighting the success of Chandrayan, he underscored India’s achievements in the field of space exploration. later, the cultural extravaganza by the students which featured soulful rendition of Patriotic songs, dance and a skit performance added colour to the celebration.


On account of National voters Day, the Principal, Staff and Students gathered together and took pledge to vote. The NVD 2024 theme was “Nothing Like Voting, I vote For Sure”. The Staff and Students who are 18 years and above were sensitized about importance of voting.



National Youth Day was observed on 1th January 2024, to mark the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. NSS students led the Assembly. They shared Swami Vivekananda’s teachings. Inspiring stories were narrated, weaving themes of resilience and social responsibility. Principal delivered a motivating speech highlighting Swami Vivekananda’s enduring values and encouraging students to embody them in their lives.


Annual day was celebrated on 10th January 2024. The esteemed chief guest, Mr. G. K. Manjunath, Principal, Seshadripuram Composite PU College, delivered an insightful address emphasizing the importance of time management, listening skill and confidence in personal and professional growth. Mrs. Sandhya Menezes, the Principal presented the Annual Report encompassing a spectrum of activities. The Annual Newsletter ‘CARMEL INSPIRATION’ was released on this occasion. Noteworthy students were felicitated for achievements in Academics, Sports, Literature and Creativity. Vishwas Mutha and Sonal Sharma stood out as the Best Outgoing students. Every year the Management acknowledges an unsung hero for their selfless service. This year Mr. Nagaraj V, Supervisor, BBMP was duly honored.  The day concluded with a vibrant cultural extravaganza, making it a memorable celebration of achievements and values.  


Carmel PU College staff and students celebrated Christmas on 22nd of December in the campus. Students sang Christmas carols and Santa dashed into the campus catching the students by surprise & distributed sweets to everyone. Teachers also played secret Santa, which gave an opportunity to express their heartfelt appreciation to their respective child & pamper them with memorable gifts. Carmel College management held a separate fun filled event on the occasion of Christmas in the evening and shared the joy of Christmas to all the staff members making it a memorable day!


A Computer Science workshop was organized by Dept. of School Education (Pre – University) North district of Bangalore for all Computer Science lecturers on 21st December in Carmel PU College. The workshop was inaugurated by Smt. Pushpa V M, Deputy Director (Dept. of Academics), Sri. N Raju,  Deputy Director of School Education (Pre – University), Sri. Anand T, Assistant Director (Dept. of Academics) & Sri. Venkatesh Y B, Dept. of Academics Branch Officer. Resource persons for the workshop was Sri. Udaya Kumar B G & Sri. Bharat Bhushan G S, who explained in detail, adoption of the NCERT syllabus from the academic year 2024 – 25.


Orientation programme for computer science subject was conducted in Carmel PU College premises on 15th December 2023. Chief Guest for the occasion was Sri Raju N, Deputy Director of Dept. of School Education (Pre – University), Bangalore North district. Guest of Honor was Sri Roshan Menezes, Secretary Carmel Institution. Resource persons Mr. Prasad S A of Soundarya PU College, Tumkur and Mr. Udaya Kumar B G of Seshadripuram PU College discussed in detail regarding syllabus, practical examination, new question paper pattern and importance of inclusion of questions based on Higher Order Thinking Skills. Also they discussed various strategies to improve results.



Indian Armed Forces Flag Day was observed on 7th December 2023 at Raj Bhavan. Thirteen Senior Division, Senior Wing cadets of our college attached to 39 Karnataka Infantry Batallion NCC participated in the event. Two cadets of our college got the opportunity to pin the flags of Armed forces to army officials.


Ethnic Day 2023 was held on 5th December, around 150 students participated enthusiastically & zealously by adorning traditional attire representing different regions of India. The contestants participated in three rounds (Fashion walk, Talent exhibition & Question answer round). The panel of judges were Ms. Naomi, Mr. Roshan Menezes and Ms. Kruthika Shetty. After intense competition, the title Mr. Carmel was won by Siddarth of II PUC ‘A’ sec and Sharanya Mayya of I PUC ‘C’ sec was crowned Ms. Carmel. It was definitely an evening of exuberance and excitement.


NCC Day was celebrated on 26th November 2023. The cadets took pledge reaffirming their commitment to the values of National Cadet Corps. The NCC unit had organized a series of activities. Medicinal plants were distributed to the public to promote environmental awareness and sustainability. NCC cadets engaged in charity initiatives by visiting Kalpa Raksha Educational and Charitable Trust. The cadets spent valuable time with the inmates by playing games, celebrating birthday, having lunch together and donating stationery. The day was a successful celebration combining environmental consciousness, patriotic commitment and charitable efforts.


Constitution Day was observed to commemorate the adoption of India’s Constitution on November 26th. Principal administered the pledge to the faculty, students, NSS members and NCC Cadets. The pledge emphasized the principles of justice, Liberty, equality and fraternity, urging students to contribute positively to the Nation’s progress.


A workshop on Financial Management was organized for students of Commerce on 16.11.2023. Mr. Priyaram Bindiganavile, a renowned financial expert who has trained scores of students on stock market was the key facilitator. He provided information and insights on concepts of finance, assets, liabilities, sources of Income, Income Tax, Investment portfolio etc. Several team games were organized to elucidate complex concepts. The activities engaged them and also enhanced their grasp of financial marketing principles.


The II PU students crafted a culinary Delights festival which featured a diverse range of dishes and different stalls. It’s commendable that the proceeds from the fest  were directed towards Charity. This reflects a strong sense of social responsibility among the students. There were 18 stalls put up and the students thronged to taste the different dishes that were made available

LAKSHYA - Your Career …….Your Choice

Lakshya a career guidance program was held on 17th November 2023 in Carmel PU College campus in collaboration with Mindler. Around 20 Universities across the nation were present and interacted with students sharing the necessary information about the courses, admission criteria etc…. Carmel College alumni were  also invited to guide their juniors. Students enthusiastically  visited  universities of their choice and collected  information to plan their future.


The Teens’ Day was organized by the faculty for the students on November 15th. The day began with the Assembly orchestrated  by the teachers. Later fun games like Bite and Delight, Dance and Sing before you win, Captured moments : unveiling the trailer was conducted for students. The students participated with enthusiasm adhering to the Indo-western dress code adding cultural touch to the event. 


The Eco club members distributed Diyas in the neighborhood for promoting eco friendly Deepavali celebration and highlighting the environmental impact of fireworks. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of burning crackers and encourage a sustainable approach to festivities.


The  teaching faculty came together to organize a Food Fest, a delightful and scrumptious event for the students on 3rd November. The day provided an  unique opportunity for the staff to showcase their culinary skills by preparing tasty delicacies. The students explored and savored the world of flavors. The proceeds from the event were directed towards charitable cause,  further emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community.


At Carmel, Sports is an integral part of a student’s life. On November 2nd, 2023, the 21st Annual sports Athletic meet was organized at Ambedkar stadium, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore. Mr Dhanush Babu, International speed skater honored the occasion. He inculcated the young minds never to give up anything in life whether it is sports or education and keep trying till they achieve. The energetic participation of the students was a spectacular sight to watch.


Carmel celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava of the 50th Anniversary of being named ‘Karnataka’ on November 1st 2023. Very inspiring and motivational songs which were written and sung by famous personalities of Karnataka were sung by the teachers and students. This celebration reminds us that we are all part of one community, regardless of our differences.

Click here to watch video 


Rashtriya Ekta Divas was observed on 31st October to Commemorate   the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel who was instrumental in keeping India united. As part of National Unity Day, the NCC Cadets took part in ‘Run for Unity‘ to promote the message of solidarity and togetherness among the citizens. Principal Mrs Sandhya Menezes administered the pledge to NSS students to foster and reinforce their dedication to preserve and strengthen unity, integrity and security of our Nation.



Keeping in mind the objectives of serving mankind, the NSS unit of Carmel in association with Lions Club Gokula organized a free eye check up camp on 29th October, 2023 at Kelaginajuganahalli, Doddaballapura Taluk. Team of doctors from Sri SatyaSai Vaishnavi Lions Eye Hospital accompanied with NSS volunteers worked towards the success of the free eye check up. The villagers living from remote corner of Ghati Subramanya Temple benefited from the camp. The camp raised awareness about the importance of eye health which encouraged  people to seek treatment for eye problems and prevent blindness and also increase their visibility.


The NSS unit of Carmel presented a street play on 28 October 2023 at Kelaginajugnahalli, Doddaballapur Taluk. The street play created awareness about the right to vote and importance of free and fair elections among the villagers to attract the rural audience. Conversations was interspersed with music, dance and folk songs. Thus by drawing people and educating them about ‘ Importance of Voting ‘, how to choose the right candidates, how not to fall prey to freebies distributed by the candidates and other aspects of the elections were the highlights in the street play.

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The valedictory  ceremony marked the conclusion of the NSS camp on 1.11.2023  which was held at Kelaginajuganahalli, Doddaballapur Taluk.  The event served as a platform to celebrate the hard work and commitment of the NSS volunteers. The chief guest Shri Mahesh Bhat, Academic coordinator, Carmel High School, in his valedictory speech said that NSS camps help the students to live a life with love for environment, collective existence, discipline and develops a sense of responsibility. Principal Mrs. Sandhya Menezes congratulated the camp officials and the volunteers for their commendable work  in the camp. Mrs. Sasikala, NSS coordinator handed over the flag to the principal symbolizing the successful completion of the camp. Mr. Shaji Antony, Principal, Carmel High School and Carmel faculty grace the occasion.


Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in our campus by taking Swachhata pledge, rendition of Bhajans, sharing about the significance of the celebration, reciting of poem and an insightful message on Gandhi’s principles regarding cleanliness and nonviolence by the Principal. The pledge served as a reminder of the importance of Gandhian values in our daily lives.


Our NCC SD/SW cadets took up cleaning the places of excess garbage around the campus. By regularly doing cleanliness drive the people around are sensitized about the need for cleanliness. The activity of shramadan also nurtures a sense of civic responsibility and environmental consciousness among our cadets and local community.


Swachhata Hi Seva is celebrated by undertaking shramadan activities through community participation Theme of SHS-2023 is garbage free India. With focus on visual cleanliness and welfare of pourakarmikas,  awareness on understanding the importance of waste segregation at source was carried out by NCC cadets by shouting slogans and displaying placards.


The foremost aim of the poster making competition was to spread the feeling of importance of cleanliness and foster creativity. All the cadets were divided in groups and students enthusiastically took part in the event and completed posters which were then used as placards to create awareness around the campus on maintaining cleanliness.


On 21st September 2023 our girl students attended a session on hygiene to be maintained by girls during menstruation for better health by Mrs. Krupa rani, Director Anubuthi foundation. She shared a powerpoint presentation of hazards caused by use and disposal of sanitary pads. She suggested alternate options to fight the menace of sanitary garbage.


Sport  enhances a person’s  personality and character. Considering the concept of ‘SPORTS FOR ALL’ throughout the entire month of September, we organized tournaments for students and staff. This venture enabled the students to have fun, social interaction, test one’s physical stamina and learn a new sport. It also gave them a break from daily routine and re-energise. The games that were held were indoor and outdoor which included carrom, volleyball, badminton, chess, table tennis, throwball and basketball. The Physical Education Department and members  of the sports committee organized the above tournaments.


Every year 15th September is observed as the International Day of Democracy. The aim is to promote democracy as a fundamental human right and a cornerstone of good governance and peace. The staff and students joined in reading the preamble of the Indian Constitution. Students of the NSS unit and NCC unit also participated in the activity on the same day.


Carmel Eco – Club members on the eve of Ganesha Chathurthi made a special effort to create awareness on the benefits of use of Ganesha idols made of clay. They distributed pamphlets with a slogan stating “Be the change”. The students also visited the homes of neighbours and distributed Ganesha idols. Students also spoke to the public regarding maintenance of cleanliness by disposing off items used during the festival to the BBMP authorities.


Students of PCMB visited the centralized Solid Waste Management unit in Bidadi Industrial estate on September 15th 2023. They were accompanied by faculty of Biology and facilitators from ITC WOW. The CSWMF Centre members explained methods of segregation and categories of waste like Thermocol, Color paper, High Density Polyethylene, Low Value Plastic (LVP), Low Density Polyethylene, Cardboard (carton boxes), Multi layered Plastic (MLP). A video presentation was made showing different types of wastes generated in Karnataka district wise and the methods adopted for scientific disposal of the waste.


World Suicide Prevention Day was observed on 10th September ,2023. Carmel NSS Unit had organized an interactive session. Dr. Rajini P, Psychiatrist, Deputy Director, Directorate of Health and Family Welfare, Bangalore, addressed the students about suicidal factors, prevention strategies, mental health awareness and the ways to seek help and support during the time of depression. The students participated well by interacting with the resource  about various thoughts and doubts that were pondering their minds.


The celebration of Teachers’ Day at Carmel began from September 2nd 2023. Students of the council organized various events like treasure hunt, squid games and fun games on 3 different days. Teachers were divided into 5 groups and each group named themselves based on a theme. The team members also came dressed in attire according to their chosen theme.Seven stars , Southern stars , fury, and so on. It was overwhelming to see the teachers take part sportively in all events. On the final day the students conducted a brief program highlighting the essence of the day, dedicating special songs for their teachers,  appreciating each teacher about their uniqueness and by gifting them scroll of  honor with beautiful words of admiration. The student council  planned the entire event and made each teacher feel special


The Management of Carmel organized a special event Mentor Marvel on 5th September to mark Teachers’ Day. Special invitees Mrs. Bernadina and Mr. Nerry D’silva were present on the occasion. Carmel Institution celebrated Teacher’s Day on 5th September by felicitating teachers those who have served the institution for 10 years & above. ‘Mentor Marvel’, a fun filled event was organized by the management, where teachers walked the ramp, displayed their talents, wit & wisdom. Teachers were awarded Carmel Raja & Rani and many more titles.


Carmel Education Society in association with Vakeelara Vahini conducted an awareness programme on Cybercrime & Social media on 2nd September 2023. Smt. S. R. Anuradha, Senior Advocate & Mediator, High Court of Karnataka and Sri S. Trivikram, Advocate, High Court of Karnataka educated students regarding usage of social media platforms & potential harm due to cybercrimes. Students interacted well with the domain experts.


Carmel NSS Unit, in association with Lions Club of Bangalore, Gokula had organized a Blood donation camp on 2nd September, 2023. The camp was inaugurated by lion Rakesh, Secretary, Lion Venkatesh, DC for Blood Donation and Principal Mrs. Sandhya Menezes. Our NSS volunteers brought in donors from various walks of life. Lions Blood Centre, a unit of Bangalore Lions Service Trust conducted the camp. The event raised awareness about the importance of voluntary blood donation. A total of 86 units of blood was collected in the camp.


Army attachment camp was attended by 5 SD/SW cadets of our unit. The objective of the camp was to have the military knowledge and skills of the cadets and help bolster camaraderie discipline and integrity. Special focus was laid on weapon training, map reading, firing drill and other military subjects. The camp was held at MEG  center where cadets were benefited by the camp in character building and imbibing self discipline .


Students of NSS were given an opportunity to participate experience and enjoy various sporting events at Kanteerava Stadium on 27th August 2023 on the occasion of National Sports Day. The theme was “Sports as an enables of an inclusive and fit society”.


Carmel PU College in association with Anubathi Foundation organized a dry waste collection drive on 24th August 2023. A total of 520.9 Kgs of dry waste was collected by the students.   


Sadbhavana Diwas, also known as Harmony Day, was observed on August 20th to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime minister of India. Principal Mrs Sandhya Menezes administered a pledge to the students to promote national integration, communal harmony and peace among all the citizens of India. NSS coordinators and volunteers took the oath to work for the unity and betterment of society.


On 19th August 2023, Baldwin’s Boys high school , conducted workshop on UID – study abroad for the students who are interested in the field of designing, 40 students of Carmel PU College attended the workshop with great ambition.


“Tanuja”  an inspirational movie, set against the backdrop of Carmel PU College, beautifully narrates the remarkable journey of Tanuja, a young girl who defies the odds to pursue her dream of cracking NEET exam. The film beautifully captures Tanuja’s struggles and triumphs as she navigates through challenges with unwavering determination. This movie show, organized by Carmel PU College, not only showcases Tanuja’s pursuit of success but also reflects the College’s commitment in motivating and empowering its students to overcome obstacles and reach for their aspirations.


The 77th Independence Day was celebrated in Carmel in the presence of staff and students. The day began with flag hoisting by our principal. Later, the Staff organized an interesting event of Anthakshari of Patriotic songs followed by Quiz. The sounds included were monuments, recognizing achievers and identifying the States. The day ended with distribution of sweets and greeting each other.


Har Ghar Tiranga is a campaign that promotes the idea of every household displaying the National Flag. To mark the 77th Independence Day celebration the Students’ Council members, NSS Volunteers and NCC cadets were handed over the National Flag by our Principal. Students hoisted the flag at home, took selfies & uploaded on the website of Ministry of Culture, Govt of India to mark Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. This gesture brought in a sense of National pride and solidarity among the students.


Mr. Rajesh Fernando, Renowned Value Communication Trainer, a Guiness Record holder, uses illusion to illustrate the mantra of Success on August 14th 2023. He taught the lessons of achieving goals in life by adapting the ‘S’ formula i.e., Start, Setright, Steady, Sustain and Shine to Succeed. Mr. Rajesh said students should overcome fear to face challenges in the life as fear destroys mind, feelings and ultimately life. The session was taken well by the audience. End of the session brought in realization among students the value of their parents. The event was observed by The Indian World record observer for the maximum number of Ambassadors of Character building.


Sunita, a trainer from Mindler conducted a session on 4th August for First PU students on ‘Profile building’. She explained in detail regarding building a strong profile which should include Skills, participation in co – curricular activities, involvement in social activities in addition to academic records. She guided them how to build a portfolio.


Our College had hosted an Intercollegiate Throwball Tournament for girls ( U-19 ) category  on 4th August 2023. 24 teams of various colleges across Bengaluru participated in the tournament.

Mrs. Mahitha Bhat, National Throwball player and Alumni of our institution inaugurated the tournament and addressed the players that sports play a vital role in fostering physical fitness, teamwork, discipline and mental well being. The day witnessed the teams battling it out for cup. The players demonstrated their mastery of throwball techniques and put up an intense competition that kept the audience at the edge of their seats. The final match was a thrilling showdown between the finalists Claret  PU College and Carmel PU College. The hosts Carmel PU College lifted the cup of winners. The Best player of the tournament was Simran of the winners teams and Deepika, Captain of Claret PU College.


COMBINED ANNUAL TRAINING CAMP (CAT) was held at Brindavan College, Bangalore. Mrs.  Gurupreet Sharma, Associate NCC officer with 26 Cadets of our College attended the camp spanning over 10 days which proned to be a transformative experience equipping cadets with life skills . Through a blend of rigorous activities like  weapon drills and theoretical session on service subjects, outdoor activities , physical fitness session and cultural programmes, the camp aimed to instill discipline and time management, leadership qualities, team work and promote community service and development among the cadets. We are bestowed with BEST INSTITUTION award by the camp commandant


Malhar – an Intra Collegiate fest was held on 28th July 2023. The event was inaugurated by the chief guest of the day, Mr. Siddharth Kamath, a multigenre keyboardist, music producer, Audio Engineer and an alumni of our Institution.
Mr. Siddharth shared his valuable insights and urged the students to enrich their knowledge and enhance skills to meet the challenges and to explore their talent. Malhar provided a platform to the students to feature their talent in arts, literature, music, dance, photography, science and many more. Cultural extravaganza with the theme ‘Navarasa’ was presented by all I and II PU classes with great enthusiasm. It was indeed a tough battle among the classes to win the trophy. Malhar trophy was lifted by students of II PUC.


Carmel PU College organised District-Level “Tennis Volleyball Tournament” on 26th July 2023 at Carmel Playground. 16 teams(boys) and 10 teams(girls) participated in the tournament. The deputy director of Pre-University Bangalore North District, Sri Palaksha T inaugurated the tournament.


The Carmel Swachh Bharat Programme is a year-long program, scheduled on every Wednesday between 8:30 A.M and 9:15 A.M. During this program, students ensure cleanliness is maintained in and around the campus. The waste collected is segregated into “Garden Waste” and “Plastic Waste”. This Garden Waste is then used for leaf mulching.


Every year July 26th is observed as Kargil Vijay Diwas in India to commemorate the victory of the Indian Armed forces in the 1999 Kargil war against Pakistan. Our NCC Cadets attended an event organized by Akhila Karnataka ex-servicemen Association to pay tribute to the heroes and remember their remarkable courage and determination. The cadets took part in parade with jeep rally and a 100-meter National Flag March with Military band to inculcate patriotism among the youth.


On July 18th 2023 NCC and NSS volunteers in a bid to spread awareness on dangers of single use plastic, a plogathon was organized. The volunteers collected 68.5 Kgs of plastic from the neighbourhood. This event was conducted in collaboration with ITC, WOW (Well being Out of Waste).


The feast of our lady of Mount Carmel, the patroness of our institution was celebrated on July 15th this year. The mass liturgy was conducted by Fr. Dennis Veigas of Dena Sevashram, Theology professor for Copuchin Congregation and was attended by the management and all the staff members of the institution. Luncheon was served after the mass.


The NSS unit of Carmel was inaugurated on July 14th. The newly selected NSS volunteers were briefed by the Principal on objectives of NSS and the benefits of being a NSS volunteer. The Chief Guest Mr Shaji Antony Principal of Carmel High School appealed to students to develop a sense of social responsibility and to involve with sincerity in all the events planned. Sadik, a NSS volunteer of II PUC shared his experiences of being a NSS volunteer and Vijay Varshith highlighted the events planned for the year. Mrs Sasikala Jude, Programme Officer, administered the pledge where students took pledge to work with dedication and service mindedness.


On 6.7.2023, an interactive session on Mental Wellbeing of youth and adolescents was conducted for the students of our college to help them understand the various symptoms of mental disorders and how to deal with them. Ms. Anvesha Fomra, Program Director, Drishti Counselling was the resource person.


The new student council of Carmel PU College assumed office at the Investiture Ceremony presided over by Mr Roshan Menezes, the administrator of the Institution. He administered the oath of office and gave valuable tips on becoming a good leader. The council headed by Ms Sonal Sharma pledged to uphold the honour of the Institution and strived to make Carmel a hub of activity. Plans for the forth coming academic year was also shared by the various clubs. The toppers of II PUC board examination 2023 were honoured on this occasion. The entertainment module put up by the council was innovative and promised an exciting year ahead.


ADDRESS HEALTH conducted an annual medical check – up camp in our campus. 545 students were screened. The camp was conducted to ensure that all our students are healthy and informed about any concerns regarding their present health condition. The screening included recording of height, weight, blood pressure, eye, dental and ENT examination. The camp was conducted for over 3 days in the first week of July.


A program was organized to present the awards for outstanding Science Teacher Program at CNR Rao Hall of Science – a unit of JNCASR. The programme was facilitated by Vidya Vardhaka Sangha, Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Mrs. Anitha T.P, Dept. of Biology and 10 science students were selected to attend the programme which comprised of lecture on ‘The extraordinary Elephant’ by Prof. Raman Sukumar, IISC, Bangalore, fun with Science experiments by Dr. Pratap Vishnoi  and Vinayak Pattar. A musical Recital by eminent musician Pandit Ronu Majumdar enthralled the audience.


International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit trafficking is marked on 26th June and this year students of our College involved themselves actively in various events towards making our world free of drug abuse. NSS Volunteers participated in a 3 km walk from Vidhana Soudha to Kanteerva Stadium to create awareness among the public. NCC volunteers took pledge to make India drug free by saying ‘No to Drugs’. The Department of Police, Vijaynagar Division spoke to students on various types of drugs available in the market and how to stay away from addiction of drugs.


Students’ council election was held in a democratic manner where every student was given a right to vote the best leader among them. The elections were conducted in two rounds, in the first round class representatives were elected. Further, the elected representatives, Staff members and nominee cast their votes to elect the office bearers of the Student Council. Sonal Sharma was elected as President. Swetha R A was appointed as the Student Advisor.


The question of this month discussed was – What are the mental health issues that teenagers face? The discussion was moderated by our Administrator. Students voiced their opinions and there was a healthy interaction among them. They expressed that teenagers face fear of failure, anxiety, fear of acceptance and in order to overcome the above disorders they also suggested practical ways of sharing problems with parents, making lifestyle changes and so on. It was a good session of exchange of ideas.


A Career guidance organization supports and guides our newly joined students in choosing right careers.  Mr. Parikshit D from Mindler gave an introduction to the year long programme

International Yoga Day

International yoga day was celebrated  at Vidhana Soudha.15  Cadets of Carmel PU College represented 39 Kar INF BN at Vidhana  Soudha.  NSS volunteers performed Surya Namaskara on the day to mark the occasion.  Mrs Nethravathi, yoga instructor   spoke about   benefits of NCC.


Sports department of Carmel college held selection process for various sports teams for the academic year 2023-24. An overwhelming response from students eager to be part of the college sports teams. The teams formed in Table tennis, Chess, Badminton Volleyball, Throwball, Basket ball, Kabaddi and Tennis Volleyball will represent our college at Intercollegiate events.

EDU EXPO- Times of India's Mission Admission

The Times of India’s Mission Admission had hosted a seminar and expo aimed at guiding pre- University  students towards making informed career choices at  JN Tata Auditorium, IISC Campus. Our students of Science stream attended the expo which comprised seven sessions, including topics such as studying abroad, guidance for CET and Comed – K and panel discussions on Engineering design and Architecture.


To build a healthy community and encourage fitness among the staff and students of Carmel School and College, ‘CARMEL RUN 2023’ was organized on 11th June 2023. The categories included 10K, 5K, 3K Fun Run and 10K cycling.

Nearly 700 participants buzzed around the Bala Gangadharanatha Swamiji ground for this mega event. The Chief Guest, Ms Greeshma Sridhar, National Swimmer and Actress, Ms Pragati Gupta, Marathon Coach and IT Professional flagged off the event. Mr Arjun Devaiah, an ex-Olympian and the brand ambassador of Carmel Run graced the event.

2023-24 NCC ENROLMENT DAY – 39 Kar Bn NCC

The selection of new cadets for NCC was conducted on 9th June 2023 in Carmel grounds. The Principal addressed the young aspiring students about the long-term value that NCC can bring to their life. An overwhelming response of around 90 students was witnessed on the day. Permanent Instructor CHM Bhagawan Singh and NK Parmeet Singh from 39 Kar Bn NCC conducted the selection procedure. The various rounds were physical tests, fitness tests and height & weight check of boys and girls. Finally 18 Boys for SD and 10 Girls for SW were selected.

The A.N.O Mrs Gurpreet finalized and announced the list of cadets.

World Environment Day Celebration

On 5th June 2023, we celebrated World Environment Day with a series of impactful activities aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and sustainable practices. The event witnessed active participation from the students of NSS (National Service Scheme) and NCC (National Cadet Corps). The central activity of the celebration was the paper bag making initiative. Under the theme “ Beat Plastic Pollution “.  students enthusiastically engaged in crafting eco-friendly paper bags. They used recycled materials and creative designs to produce attractive and sturdy bags as an alternative to plastic. The students demonstrated their commitment to reducing plastic waste and its harmful impact on the environment. Once the paper bags were ready, the students took the initiative to distribute them to nearby vendors and shops. This step aimed to raise awareness among local businesses and the community about the importance of using sustainable alternatives to plastic bags. The distribution of paper bags received an overwhelmingly positive response, with vendors appreciating the students efforts and pledging to adopt eco-

friendly practices. The tree plantation initiative symbolized their dedication to preserving the environment and combating deforestation. To conclude the event, a pledge was taken by all the students to protect the environment in their everyday lives. They vowed to minimize their carbon footprint, conserve resources, and spread awareness about environmental sustainability among their peers and the community at large.

Orientation Programme about NCC

On 3rd June 2023, an Orientation Programme was organized to educate parents about the significance of their child joining the National Cadet Corps (NCC). The event aimed to enlighten parents on the benefits and opportunities provided by the NCC and encourage them to support their childrens participation. During his address, Captain Sampath Kumar emphasized that NCC fosters discipline, leadership qualities, and a sense of patriotism among the youth. He explained how the NCC develops physical fitness, instils a spirit of camaraderie, and enhances overall personality development. Furthermore, he highlighted the NCC’s  role in fostering a sense of social responsibility and contributing to the community through initiatives like blood donation drives, cleanliness campaigns, and disaster management activities. The Orientation Programme served as an enlightening platform,  about the immense value and advantages their child could derive from joining the NCC.

I PUC Parents’ orientation Programme

On 3rd June 2023, an Orientation Programme was organized for the parents of I PUC (Intermediate First Year) students at Carmel PU College. The event aimed to familiarize the parents with the college facilities, policies, and the academic journey their children would embark upon. The programme featured guest speaker Mr. Ajit Kaikini, who delivered an insightful speech. The orientation commenced with the principal and the administrator sharing detailed information about the college facilities, infrastructure, and the policies set by the institution. They provided an overview of the college commitment to academic excellence, student welfare, and the importance of a collaborative relationship between parents and the college. Following their addresses, Mr. Ajit Kaikini, a renowned speaker and mentor, took the stage. He spoke about the importance of parents accepting their children as they are without placing great expectations on them. He emphasized the significance of nurturing a supportive and loving environment at home, where children feel valued and encouraged to pursue their passions and dreams. Furthermore, Mr. Kaikini shared insights on creating a happy home, discussing the significance of effective communication, setting boundaries, and fostering emotional well- being within the family. He provided practical tips and strategies for parents to enhance their relationship with their children and create a harmonious and nurturing home environment.

I PUC Students’ orientation Programme

On 31st May 2023, an Orientation Programme was held for the I PUC students at Carmel PU College. The event aimed to familiarize the students with the college environment, introduce them to the rules and regulations, and provide them with valuable insights for their academic journey. The programme featured a guest speaker, Mr. Ajit Kaikini, who delivered an inspiring speech. The orientation began with the college principal addressing the students. The Administrator  highlighted the college’s vision, mission, and expectations from the students. The Principal emphasized the importance of discipline, academic commitment and active participation in extracurricular activities. Following the Principal’s address, Mr. Ajit Kaikini, a renowned speaker, and mentor, took the stage. He shared valuable advice on how to perceive, practice, and progress. Mr. Kaikini emphasized the significance of adopting a growth mindset and encouraged the students to set goals, develop a strong work ethic, and strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.

World No Tobacco Day

On 31st May 2023, we celebrated World No Tobacco Day with great enthusiasm. One of the key highlights of the event was a poster making competition, where students showcased their creativity and knowledge by creating posters on the topic “ Ill  Effects of Using Tobacco”. The students actively participated in the competition, displaying their artistic skills and raising awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco. The posters highlighted the detrimental impact of tobacco use on physical health, mental well-being, and social relationships. Following the poster-making activity, a pledge-taking ceremony was conducted. Students took an oath to refrain from tobacco use throughout their lives. The pledge served as a reminder of their commitment to lead a healthy and tobacco-free lifestyle. The ceremony created a sense of unity among the students, motivating them to support each other in staying away from tobacco.

Orientation Staff Programme

On 27th May 2023, the Management organized a staff orientation program to enhance the teaching skills and pedagogical knowledge of its faculty members. The session was conducted by Mr. Ronald Stanley, the esteemed Academic Head of Tata Class Edge, who delivered an enlightening talk on the “ Essentials of Learning “. During the orientation, Mr. Stanley covered several key points that are crucial for effective teaching and learning. He began by discussing the concept of memory learning and emphasized the significance of creating meaningful connections and associations to facilitate long-term retention of information. The staff members were encouraged to adopt innovative teaching methodologies that promote active engagement and retrieval-based learning. Furthermore, the speaker delved into the importance of mindset in the learning process. He highlighted the role of a growth mindset in fostering resilience, perseverance, and a passion for continuous improvement among both students and teachers. Mr. Stanley shared practical strategies to cultivate a growth mindset in the classroom and inspire a positive learning environment. The session also focused on effective teaching strategies. Mr. Stanley shared insights into instructional techniques that enhance student engagement, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. He emphasized the need for incorporating technology and multimedia resources to create interactive and dynamic learning experiences for students.


Carmel Pre-University witnessed the batch of 2022-23 graduating from the portals of Carmel. The Students of II PUC were charged with mixed emotions of great excitement and despair as it was officially the last day at Carmel.

The day began with sharing of views by students, staff & Administrator. At the same time, our Principal applauded students for their memorable moments and insisted they thank their teachers for their support throughout their learning phase.


The Founder’s Day was celebrated on 10th January 2023—the Chief Guest, Mr Gururaj. S addressed the students highlighting the difference between being literate and being educated. The Principal presented the Annual Report of activities. The Annual newsletter ‘CARMEL INSPIRATION’ was released on occasion. Many students were felicitated for excelling in Academics, Sports, Literature and creativity. Ranjan V and Meena P were announced as Best Outgoing students. Every year an unsung hero is complimented by the Management. This year our area Postman was selected to be honoured and applauded, and the day ended with a cultural extravaganza.


On 2nd December 2023, the energy levels were relatively high as the campus was bursting with vibrant energy and enthusiasm. Students came dressed in costumes from various regions of India. The audience was left astonished by the contestants’ poise and confidence. All finalists were equally charming and intelligent, making a tough decision for the judge’s panel. Ms Carmel was Harshitha V ad Mr Carmel was Sanjiv B R, who impressed all the genuine and witty answers.